What is copywriting?
Put simply, it is writing words. And writing them well. The words you use for your business need to be carefully thought out and presented. It is these words that will draw people in, educate them about what you're providing, and persuade them to use your services.  

Why do I need a copywriter?
Good copywriting largely goes unnoticed - which is kind of the point. When you are reading something, it should be easy to understand so you're not even thinking about reading it. The problem is, many people are not as competent as they think they are at writing good business copy, or they haven't noticed where there are mistakes. A typo on your website or social media posts can immediately make someone click off your site and onto someone else's, because it looks unprofessional. You want your audience to trust you and view you as an authority on whatever it is you're doing, so the words you write and how you present them need to be clear and well-written.


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