Copy clean-up
The text on your site (or page, report, leaflet etc) will sometimes need a thorough going-over - a bit like a spring clean. I’ll make everything read well, correct any typos, and make suggestions if I think words can be tweaked a bit to get a better effect.

Your blog’s online but you hate writing it. Or you haven’t posted anything yet. Or the last time you did was five years ago. You should have one because they attract new visitors and then keep them coming back for more. I’ll write your blog posts so you can concentrate on your business. 

Social media
We all know how amazing social media is, and how important it is in acquiring and keeping business. But it’s a drag if you don’t have time to update it or you’re not confident about what you’re posting. So let me do it for you - Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, whatever you need.

Technical writing
I’ve been writing about technical subjects for more than 10 years. And, contrary to popular belief, they certainly don’t have to be dry and boring. I’ll make sure your technical content is accurate, engaging and easy to understand.

Niche writing
I’ve covered a fair few niche topics in my writing career, so try and surprise me. Taxidermy? Vintage watering cans? Overseas investment advice? If you provide it as a service, I can write about it.

Calls to action
Everyone loves the nice approach, but sometimes you just need to tell someone what to do to get them to do it. This is where I can get involved, getting your customers or potential customers to click through and take action.

Narrative copy
I love a good story, so if you want me to write one for your business so people will be drawn in to what you're offering, here I am.

How-to guides
Need to explain how something works, step-by-step? Does the idea of doing this fill you with dread and horror? Well, don't worry because I can take care of it. 

Case studies
A good case study can really bring your business to life, create new interest and attract new customers. They’re also good if you want to target specific locations. Come on, let’s do this.

Press releases
Your business is great and you want people to know about it. Target journalists with a snappy press release to get media coverage - for free! And I can write the press release for you and help you pitch it. You’re welcome.

Posting a monthly, quarterly or annual round-up is a great way to shout out about your business and what you’ve been up to, as well as what’s coming up. Just get in touch and I’ll do it for you.